Small Group Coaching Registered

Congratulations and welcome to small group coaching with Professional Coach Megan Graves!

Coach Megan will be contacting you within the next 24-48 hours
to introduce herself and have a short conversation with you
about what you’re hoping to see come from being involved with the small group.

Important Information

Be sure to copy the following info:


Elite Coaching Services
220 NW 8th Avenue | Portland, OR 97209


Every Monday  |  6:00 pm – 7:15 pm


  • Be sure to arrive at 5:45pm so you may use the facilities, grab a beverage, and find a seat.

  • Check in at the front desk when you arrive.

  • Pens and paper will be provided, but you’re welcome to bring your own stuff, or use electronics to take notes.

  • To Contact Coach Megan Graves prior to or during the small group coaching engagement, she can be reached at (971) 208-5196 or

  • You can also contact us at


We Will See You Soon!