Our Team


Executive Sales Coach
Creator of Smart Systematic Selling

Theophan is a leading authority on executive sales coaching and personal development. He provides executive sales coaching to executives, sales teams, and individual salespeople, helping them see explosive growth and finding career fulfillment through personal development. Theophan has been in sales for more than twenty years. His first sales position was as an account executive for a collection agency in Alaska where he was introduced to a non-traditional selling system that allowed him to become an extremely successful salesman because his approach was conversational and consultative, which caused clients to see him as a trusted adviser instead of a salesperson. Building relationships with clients and finding solutions that fit their needs became his forte. Since 2005 Coach Theophan has helped other coaches and independent company owners, as well as sales teams, and executives, overcome the challenges that have kept them from reaching their full potential. He is on a mission to help those that are ready, to experience a new, more incredible life.

Theophan Coaches:

  • Executives
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Teams
  • Sales People

Benjamin Holmgren

Professional Sales Coach
S3 Master Trainer

Benjamin coaches individuals involved in sales and business development, as well as teams, and sales managers. He is a Certified S3 Master Trainer with Elite Coaching and trains salespeople on the revolutionary, non-traditional selling system offered at Elite Coaching. He works with the sales professional on overcoming the obstacles, both personal and professional, that are keeping them from achieving their goals, and getting what they want. He creates a space to work with clients on the lies, doubts, and self-deception they hold around selling and their lives. There’s a big difference between Quality of Life and Standard of Living.

Benjamin Coaches:

  • Executives
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Teams

Megan Graves

Change Management Coach
S3 Soft Skills Master Trainer

After spending 15 years in the hospitality industry, Megan opened a new chapter in her life and trained to be a certified coach. She coaches executives in the restaurant and hospitality industries and facilitates soft skills training with restaurant and hospitality industry staff.

Megan brings with her a very unique set of tools and ingredients to enact transformation and positive change on any hospitality business. Love for developing profound excellence throughout the industry drives her to bring out the very best in any establishment’s hospitality team. Her coach training, coaching programs/tools, passion for incredible food, delight in excellent ambiance, driven standards for service, and healthy work environments all cook together for extraordinary results for her client’s success.

Megan Coaches:

  • Restaurant Owners
  • Hospitality Industry Executives