Workshops and Training Events

Bringing value to our community and to our clients is one of our core values. One of the ways Elite Coaching provides value to our community and to our clients is through offering events in the form of workshops, seminars, retreats, and training. Some are free, some require a nominal fee, and some require an investment, but we are confident you will leave our events with a ton of value. Below, you will find a list of upcoming events.


Training: Smart Systematic Selling 8 Week Bootcamp (S3)

Where: Online

When: 4:00-6:00 PM (PST)

Cost: $497.00

Executive Sales Coach Theophan will teach you how to follow the map of a selling system that will forever change the way you close prospective clients.

Do you ever wonder why selling seems so difficult?

Prospecting to find potential clients, presenting your product or service, and then chasing the prospect can be exhausting.

We hear you and we get it. The struggle is real.

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