Why Haven’t I Heard From You Yet?

By Theophan, Executive Sales Coach

New client acquisition requires a qualification process that begins with turning that business card you received at a networking event into a lead. Have you entered the person’s information into your CRM yet?

It was just after 10:30 in the morning when I arrived at my office in Portland. I was returning from a networking event in Hillsboro where I’d met half a dozen new folks. With their business cards in my shirt pocket I made my way up the stairs to my desk. After grabbing a cup of coffee I sat down and began entering the information from the cards into my CRM (Customer Relationship Management software).

As I enter each one of them into the CRM I create and send a personalized email that defines where I met them and whether or not I would like to get together with them in the near future to learn more about what they do. This particular morning, as noted previously, I entered six new contacts into the CRM and sent six follow up emails. Within four hours of sending the follow up emails I received two requests for coffee meetings, which I happily scheduled.

What about the remaining four people from the meeting you ask? Well, I’ll see them at the networking meeting next week, and if they’re not able to make it, I’ll be sure to give them a call to say hello and find out if we should get together for coffee.

This is an important rule: Follow up with an initial contact within 24-48 hours. You’re fresh in their mind. Every day after the first 48 hours significantly reduces the likelihood of being able to meet with that person. I know because I’ve dropped the ball many times over the years and lost potential new clients because of inconsistent follow up.

The clock starts the moment you have someone’s business card in your hands. Now, enter them in your CRM, initiate that follow up contact, and get yourself a new client!

Theophan has been a professional coach since 2005 and has been in sales for more than twenty years. As an executive sales coach he helps executives, sales managers, sales teams, and individual salespeople overcome the challenges and obstacles that keep them from seeing explosive growth in their companies. He can be reached at or you can schedule an initial consultation with him by clicking HERE.