The Challenge of Selling During the Holidays

By Theophan, Executive Sales Coach

Happy Holidays! Now get back to closing your next client.

Earlier this year I spent time coaching and training a handful of outside sales people at a small telecommunications company and was quickly reminded of the limiting beliefs that many sales professionals harbor.

Sales can be one of the most difficult careers to find yourself in. Sales people will be the first to tell you about the emotional ups and downs that come with being in sales. Because of this regular turbidity, salespeople themselves often make excuses for why they can’t pick up the phone, knock on the next door, or even follow up with a potential prospect they recently met and need to get in front of again.

Do any of these sound familiar?

“It’s 11-o-clock, and everyone is at lunch. This is a bad time to reach people.”

“It’s past three and it’s Friday. Everyone has gone home for the weekend. Nobody is going to answer when I call.”

“It’s raining. I’m not going to knock on doors in the rain.”

How about more recently, do any of these sound familiar?

“Executives are on vacation. I’m not going to try to call them until after the holidays.”

“Everyone is out of the office this week. It’s almost Christmas.”

“It’s so difficult to get in front of people right now. Christmas is this weekend.”

Professional coaches immediately recognize these excuses as limiting beliefs. These perceptions hold us back from making the progress we know we want to make, but because selling can be so difficult, we easily accept our own excuses, and instead of following up with prospective clients, we sit on our behinds until the new year.

Unfortunately for us, when the new year arrives, executives and decision makers already have their calendars full for January, and we end up continuing the chase for the never-occurring meeting. Their calendars are full for January because seasoned salespeople, the professionals that push limiting beliefs out of their way, have already scheduled to meet with them. Now, the January you were looking forward to and counting on to get a strong start to the new year, is an uphill climb.

Don’t put yourself through the struggle of an uphill climb during the first month of the new year. Instead, push those limiting beliefs out of your way and go get your next client. As a professional coach with more than twenty years in sales, I can tell you that the limiting beliefs you read above are only partially true. Some executives are on vacation, and it does suck to knock on doors in the rain, but not ALL executives are on vacation right now, and sometimes prospective clients will feel bad for you for knocking on their door while it’s raining outside, and just might invite you in for a chat.

Now, I understand some of you may be on vacation right now, so as you can imagine, this article doesn’t necessarily apply to you right now, but it may apply to you at other times, like Friday afternoons or right before lunch.

Do your best to see limiting beliefs for what they are, excuses for not facing the fear of rejection that comes with the career you’ve chosen. Your next contact may very well be your next sale. Quiet your mind and connect with someone today that can use your product or service.

Happy Holidays and Good Selling!

Warmest Regards,

Executive Sales Coach

Theophan has been a professional coach since 2005 and has been in sales for more than twenty years. As an executive sales coach he helps executives, sales managers, sales teams, and individual salespeople overcome the challenges and obstacles that keep them from seeing explosive growth in their companies. He can be reached at or you can schedule an initial consultation with him by clicking HERE.